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Power Up Your Firm's Training

Give associates the skills they need for a successful career: Writing, technology for lawyers, legal practice, diversity and inclusion, presentations, and business development—all in one easy-to-use platform.
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One Platform—Six Amazing Trainers

Our six experts share their decades of collective experience training the nation's top law firms, judges, and corporations.
Legal Writing

Ross Guberman

Kick your writing up a notch with Ross Guberman, author of Point Made, the creator of BriefCatch, and the trainer of new federal judges.

Professor Joe Regalia

Learn new techniques to master tech tools and legal practice skills with Write.law co-founder and law professor Joe Regalia.

Christine Clapp

Develop core presentation skills and expand your influence with Christine Clapp, creator of Spoken with Authority. 
Diversity, equity, inclusion

Jackie Cranford

Discover how to cut through bias and build competency in diversity, equity, and inclusion with trainer Jackie Cranford.

Denise Robinson

Learn how to engage mentors when encountering bias and how to be an ally to others with trainer Denise Robinson.
business development

Ari Kaplan

Learn essential techniques to build your audience and engage clients with trainer and creator of Lawcountability, Ari Kaplan.

Six Critical Skills

Power Training features six critical skills: Legal Writing, Technology for Lawyers, Legal Practice, Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion, Presentations, and Business Development.
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Ross Guberman

Legal Writing

Develop coveted legal-writing skills through tailored self-paced e-learning exercises. Users also get access to BriefCatch, legal-editing software used by Supreme Court Justices and tens of thousands of lawyers around the world.
  • Refine the writing skills associated with top-performing associates
  • Develop core skills for contract drafting and brief-writing
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Technology for Lawyers

Technology is becoming essential for modern attorneys. But understanding all the tools can be overwhelming. Now is the time to teach associates how to use tech more efficiently and produce better work product. 
  • Core tools all lawyers use everyday like Word, Excel, and email
  • 30+ tech categories like e-discovery, case management, and more
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Legal Practice

Help associates develop the essential practice skills all attorneys need to succeed—from how to manage projects to the latest on design thinking.
  • Learn how to make good impressions on colleagues and clients
  • Simple strategies for project management and productivity
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Diversity, Equity, Inclusion

Teach associates how to take control of their narrative while maintaining authenticity. A live-action scenario and on-demand debriefing help associates understand bias and build critical diversity, equity, and inclusion skills.
  • How to recognize and interrupt bias in evaluations
  • Advance equity and navigate identity in the workplace with skill
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Whether they’re in a virtual meeting, on the phone, networking, or standing to deliver a presentation, attorneys need to speak confidently and convincingly to make a strong impression and have the gravitas to take on higher-risk, higher-profile speaking roles later.
  • Elevate presence in online speaking situations
  • Craft compelling narratives in presentations
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Business Development

Business development is a mix of art and science. And it's now an essential skill for all attorneys. Interactive videos, infographics, and more teach attorneys how to identify their audience, create content to engage prospects and clients, and build their own brand.
  • Build your own brand and improve your networking process
  • Create marketable content for prospects and clients—and get it published

Streamline your associate training.

Six nationally known experts. One amazing package. Help associates develop the skills that matter.

Power Training


Firmwide Access


Unlimited access to all Power Training e-learning content
6 topics
  • Legal Writing
  • Technology for Lawyers
  • Legal Practice
  • Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion
  • Presentations
  • Business Development
  • 350+ total self-paced and on-demand lessons 
  • 200+ online videos
  • 65+ downloadables
  • 55+ quizzes/exercises
  • Unlimited access for six months
other benefits
  • BriefCatch access for 3 months
  • Ross Guberman's Attorney Toolkit
  • E-book of Ross Guberman's Deal Struck
  • The Opportunity Maker by Ari Kaplan (Audio Book)
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See everything you get with Power Training

Unlock hours of training from six renowned experts on legal writing, technology for lawyers, legal practice, diversity and inclusion, presentations, and business development.

Power Training Programming


Legal Writing

  • Self-paced e-learning with new exercises on contract drafting and brief-writing
  • Access to BriefCatch for 3 months 
  • Ross Guberman's Attorney Toolkit
  • E-book version of Deal Struck, Ross Guberman's hit contract drafting book. 
Joe Regalia // Write.law

Technology for Lawyers

  • 30 lessons on how to build a better relationship with work technology, tech best practices, and automation
  • 20+ lessons on core tech tools lawyers use everyday like Word, Excel, and email
  • 90+ lessons on other core tools like PDF editors, presentation software, file management, and dozens of other tech categories
  • 88 total explainer videos and walkthroughs
  • 17 deep-dive tech simulations and exercises
  • 51 downloadable guides, cheat sheets, and other resources
  • E-books and cheat sheets keyed to lessons
Joe Regalia // Write.law

Practice Essentials

  • 85 lessons on practice essentials like project management, working on teams, productivity, and more
  • 48 total explainer videos 
  • 8 deep-dive practice simulations
  • 9 downloadable guides, cheat sheets, and exercises
  • E-books and cheat sheets keyed to lessons
Jackie Cranford & Denise Robinson

Diversity, Equity, Inclusion

  • 50-minute recorded re-enactment of a problematic performance review and its aftermath.
  • Video debriefs with expert advice on navigating DEI and career development issues, like ones raised in the re-enactment
  • Curated list of articles, videos, and podcasts that increase DEI awareness
christine clapp


  • 18 pre-recorded videos covering the basics of professional presence in online speaking situations 
  • 9 pre-recorded videos focusing on how to craft effective presentations whether you are online or in person, informing or persuading 
  • 26 assignments for participants to assess and improve their professional presence 
Ari Kaplan

Business Development

  • Exclusive Power Fall Lectures from Ari Kaplan on the art of distinguishing yourself and what in-house counsel want from law firms
  • 20 pre-recorded videos covering the ins-and-outs of getting published, presentation marketing, branding, networking, and building your LinkedIn profile
  • Downloadable infographics on marketing and business development
  • The Opportunity Maker by Ari Kaplan (First Edition Audio Book)
  • A 30-day, step-by-step marketing and business development plan
  • Access to the Business Development Leader Series featuring dozens of lunch interviews with Ari and top leaders in the business and legal fields

Additional Offerings

Joe Regalia // Write.law

Write.law Enterprise Plans

E-Learning + Live Workshops

Save 20%

  • 1000+ on-demand legal writing, tech, and practice lessons
  • 300+ hours of interactive training
  • Up to 6 virtual workshops a year led by top legal trainers
  • Deep-dive courses on legal writing and tech
  • 30+ writing, tech, and practice simulations
  • 25+ e-books keyed to lessons 
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Private Workshops

Live & Customizable

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  • Choose from our menu of over 25 workshops and modules covering everything from legal writing to working on teams.
  • All participants receive pre- and post- workshop interactive lessons, quizzes, and simulations to make what you learn in each workshop stick.
  • Our workbooks break down everything you learn. Many participants return to their workbooks again and again—for months, or even years.

Jackie Cranford & Denise Robinson

Talk to the Experts

Custom Packages
Starting at


Purchase consulting hours at a discounted rate and access Jackie and Denise's expertise on navigating individual and organizational DEI challenges and opportunities.

Christine Clapp

Presenting Virtually: A Guide to Public Speaking Online



Presenting Virtually immediately supports professionals navigating the dramatic transition from presenting mainly in person to presenting almost entirely virtually. It will reassure speakers that the fundamentals of connecting with other humans through oral communication still apply to technology-mediated formats, and it will also address the nuances of how to adapt content and delivery to virtual-speaking situations.

Ari Kaplan

Getting Published: For Business, Professional, and Personal Development



Writing offers an opportunity to meet the people you find most interesting, to engage in meaningful discussions with a community you care about, and articulate your thoughts with clarity and insight. Learn how to do all this and more with this updated e-book from Ari Kaplan.
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The Seven Secrets of Opportunity Making Success



In this updated e-book, author and trainer Ari Kaplan walks through the seven secrets to turning your opportunities into your successes: Asking for advice, getting published, following up, avoiding opportunity blockers, turning obstacles into opportunities, connecting at conferences, and networking to navigate tough economies.
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Set your associates up for success.

Frequently Asked Questions

When does Power Training start and end?

Power Training is available starting October 12, 2020. Each firm will have access for six months after onboarding. 

How long will our firm have access to Power Training content?

Your firm will have access to Power Training content for six months from your onboarding date. For example, if you choose to begin onboarding on November 1, 2020, your users will have access until May 1, 2021.

Do I need to pay for admin seats?

Nope. You can onboard as many team members as you need from your PD, Recruiting, or other training teams.

How will our associates get access to the content? 

Power Training content is conveniently hosted on one platform. Associates simply login and choose what they want to work on next. Some content, like Ross Guberman's BriefCatch, requires additional setup. But instructions and access are available through the Power Training platform.

What does firmwide access mean?

The firmwide access option allows you to onboard as many users as you like. It's a great option if your firm wants to offer Power Training to more than 20-25 attorneys.

I already purchased seats. Can I add more?

Absolutely. Just contact us at info@write.law to add more seats to your plan.

How can I pay?

Paying is easy. Once we work out what you need, we will send you a custom invoice.